Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Babies are here, the Babies are here!

Thinking that 3 babies were keeping us busy was child's play after this past busy weekend. 3 more lovely little crias were born, all under the watch of Neal. I had left for the NY Sheep & Wool festival on Friday morning. Sometime in the late afternoon, Neal called to say there had been a baby born. It was a pretty little girl out of Gina. He told me she was brown with white on her forehead and nose. That was fine, even if we weren't expecting another one for about 2 weeks. I asked for him to send pictures.

A few hours later, we were done setting up our booth and sitting down to a nice warm dinner and he called and asked if I had checked for the pictures. I looked and this is what I received. I couldn't believe that he couldn't tell the difference between black and brown with white spots! Then I saw that I had another email with a picture. It was the little brown girl. So what in the world was this little black bundle? I called him and he told me that after the brown baby was born and taken care of, he ran an errand. When he got home the little black one was there too! Unbelievably, it was a girl too!

Saturday afternoon at the Festival, I was so busy I couldn't take any phone calls. When I called Neal back, he just said, "Here we go again - check your email". And he had this picture for me. This little girl was from our Maiden (first time mom) Enchanted. She was about 3 weeks early as the dates were calculated, but she's up and doing well despite her small birth weigh of just over 12 pounds.

Neal handled it all very well. We joke that he's been around for more of the births than I have, and I think he's correct.

Here's a little video of the babies playing on Monday morning after being penned in for the evening on Sunday. Enjoy!

And for everyone who's been concerned about the little white boy who was born on the morning of our open house - he's doing well. He's stopped taking bottles and has a very unique way of nursing from his mom. I guess since he's so tall, it's just easier to do it this way. I don't expect he's going to have spectacular fiber on his legs since he's always on his knees, but that's a small sacrifice since he's being taken care of by his mom instead of us.

All is well in alpaca land.

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