Friday, November 19, 2010

Fall baby wrap up

This was a great fall. We had a total of 7 beautiful healthy babies and they were born without complications. We were only present for 1 and the other 6 happened like nature intended - without human intervention. Lots of people saw the beautiful white baby born the morning of our open house. All of the little sweeties are getting big - each has their own personality and each has their own opinion of the 2 leggers that are around to feed their mom's in the morning and evening.

Here's a run down of all our babies this year, including the ones born in the spring.
Finnegan and Corado - the spring boys

This is Finnegan in the front and Corado in the back. They were born on June 20th and 19th. Both are boys and their mom's are mother and daughter. They really enjoy each other's company.

Ayla very pretty and proud
This tall girl is Ayla. She was our first fall baby. She's gaining weight so quickly that I expect she will surpass the spring boys any time now!

St. Cloud on his knees to nurse
This white baby is our boy that was born the morning of the open house.  As you can see, he's rather tall and likes to take his meals on his knees. He's also the whitest animal we've ever had, so we decided to call him St. Cloud since it looks like he's down on his knees all the time praying.

Amazing Crimp on little Prince Charming

Shortly after our open house,Charm had her baby a little earlier than expected.  It was our 2nd out of our young herdsire Eldorado and we were very impressed.  We aren't sure if this little guy will turn grey or not.  The tips of his ears have white all through them as well as his tail.  He truly has a grey cast to his face and the lower part of his legs.  Some of them you just have to wait and see how they will turn out.

Gina's baby Gianna
Fanci's baby Fiona

Mid-October was supposed to be a quiet time - I was going to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival and Neal didn't anticipate any births.  Too bad things don't work out the way you expect!  This was our single best girl year ever and 3 of our 4 girls were born while I was out of town.  Way to go Neal!

Sweet little Eden

Tobago - growing as wide as he is tall

Last but not least is this curious looking little boy.  For about a week, he had the cutest curled ears and we started calling him Diablo.  Well, he may act like a little devil, but he doesn't look like one any more, so we are calling him Tobago.  He is a dark silver grey.  The grey doesn't show up on the top of his fiber, but when you look deep in, you see it.  He will be quite a transformation when he is sheared in the spring.  Tobago was born at the end of October.

We hope you will stop by this fall to take a look at these cuties.  Before you know it they will be all grown up!