Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Welcome to our world of Alpacas & Fiber

I've been saying for a while now, it's time I started a blog. People are always asking me about the alpacas and how they are doing, so here you go - a blog devoted to the little critters and their fiber and all the good things that can be done with it.

We've been involved with alpacas for about 8 years now - our first purchase being 3 males. That's not the typical starting point for most folks getting into alpacas, but with my love of fiber, I wanted to see if they were all that and more. Well, it didn't take long to decide that we loved them every bit as much as everyone told us we would. Now we have in the neighborhood of 30 animals and they still brighten every day of our lives.
This is Hope - the last cria born on our farm for 2009. We called her Hope because she was the last hope we had for a girl. 2009 was a banner year for boys - we had 6 in a row before Hope came along. Hope has 2 little brown spots on her right side. She inherited them from her mom - she has the same spot smack dab in the middle of her back.

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